Professional Pet Travel Book

International pet travel can cost thousands of dollars depending on your pet’s size and destination. This travel book provides insight, tips, and information that can help save you money on your pet’s travel by learning to do some of the process yourself.

Welcome pets and people! Your travel adventure has just begun! Whether you are relocating across the globe for your job, moving across town, or planning the perfect vacation with four paws, you are a step closer! Travel with your pet can be a most exciting time or it can be a daunting task met with unexpected problems, delays, and added stress for both you and your pet. That can be alleviated through proper planning, correct information, and a comprehensive understanding of the pet travel process.

The pet shipping process can be complex and confusing, but the more you know, the better your move will be. Whether this is your pet’s first adventure flying or is a seasoned traveler, this guide keeps you up-to-date with the ever-changing pet travel world of requirements and regulations. We include tips and important information on all the key components and logistics involved and necessary pet travel supplies to make your pet’s travel the safest and most hassle free as possible.


This book is top dog and pick of the litter! It helped my pet parents learn all about safe pet travel for me and select the perfect travel crate. It is a pawfectly complete guide to international travel, airline policies, country regulations and pet travel safety.

Best in Show

This pet travel book is truly an invaluable resource throughout the pet travel planning and relocation process. The book’s information is laid out in a comprehensive, understandable and extremely knowledgable format. It is recommended for anyone who is traveling internationally or even across the United States with a pet. All aspects of moving a pet are covered. This book has your pet’s move covered head to tail!

Covered from Head to Tail